Our trip to the Texas State Fair

The Texas State Fair is held in Dallas every year and lasts basically the entire month of October.  I told Trey when I was pregnant that I really wanted to take Landry this year, I am pretty sure I was craving some of that yummy fried food.  He wasn't that excited but agreed Landry would probably enjoy seeing all the animals so we decided to head to fair park on Friday afternoon.  The weather was perfect and Landry was on her best behavior.  She told us on the way home her favorite part was seeing the animals and the "coaster".  

Baby Hayden was such the trooper, only 2 weeks old and her first trip to the fair.

This cow loved Landry and kept trying to lick her...she was NOT amused.

A pig after my own heart...passed out in his food bowl!

Lady Bugs was the first "coaster" Landry has been on. Of course it just went in a circle but I am here to tell you it when surprisingly fast.  We did not see it in action before we decided she would ride.  I was a little worried once it started going but Daddy said she loved it.

High five for our first big girl ride!  She only passed the height requirements due to the bow...see big bows are good for something!

Landry gave the fair TWO THUMBS UP!

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