Our trip to the pumpkin patch...well kinda

Last week (while the weather was still VERY warm) we took the girls to pick out pumpkins for our front porch.  Since we didn't feel like tackling a pumpkin patch with both girls, we decided to support a local church and buy a couple of the pumpkins they had for sale.  As far as Miss L knew this was the pumpkin patch, this plan might not work next year.  I was suprised which pumpkin she decided to pick out for herself (photo below), she also picked out a tiny one for Hayden.  Landry is still in ahhh of her baby sister and wants to help out as much as possible.  I am waiting for the tide to turn but so far she has done great with her. 

Silly Daddy...that's not an earring!  And you wonder how I get Miss L to smile :)

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