Hayden Week 1

We survived the first week with our new baby girl.  As you can see from these pictures there is a common theme...sleep.  Hayden has been doing lots of sleeping.  For the first part of the week her days and nights were mixed up, but we are slowly starting to correct that problem.  I was told to wake her for feedings every 3 hours, but at night I just have trouble doing that when she is sleeping so soundly so we have been going 4 to 5 hours between feedings at night.  She appears to be gaining weight so I don't think thats a problem.  Hayden is a great eater, unlike her big sister.  She tends to eat a little too much at times and makes herself sick, but that is just something that is in her Garman genes...we all do it!  Overall she is a GREAT baby and I already cannot imagine life without this precious little girl.  

Big sister Landry is adjusting very well, she absolutely LOVES her baby sister and is so excited to help us take care of her.  I promise I will video our diaper changing routine.  Landry is VERY involved in the process and it is so funny.  She always tells me, "Mom, I 'm a big helper!" 

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