First Day of Preschool

It's official...we have a preschooler!  I am not sure what she was more excited about...wearing her backpack or finally getting a chance to use her scissors.  This little girl is anxious to learn, who am I to stop her.  I just hope she continues to like school more than her Mom and Dad did.  Maybe she will be like Mimi and not be able to get enough of it.  Right now she is a sponge and anything you tell her she will remember.  We have to be very careful what we say because she is understanding more and more.  Attention to detail is definitely her strong suit...which is both good and bad for her parents.  Enjoy the pictures of the first day, I'm sure there will be more school updates and stories to come.

Landry and her buddies...Brooke and Raelee

Landry and her teacher...Miss Kelly


  1. She is so adorable. Preschooler - so cool! Did Julie Hahn make that dress? I LOVE it.

  2. I wish I made that dress, it's too cute! I can't believe how big Landry is getting! Love the pics!

  3. She'll break hearts Kylie!