Baby Thompson???

Most of you know by now but my sister Jessie is also expecting a baby.  She is due 3 months after me (early Jan) and a couple weeks ago it was time to find out the gender of Baby Thompson.  Jessie decided she wanted to do something fun with family and friends that would make finding out the gender of the baby exciting for everyone.  She mentioned a reveal party to Mom and that was it!  Next thing we knew Mom had a giant refrigerator box, had wrapped it and letters were attached.  You did a great job Mom!  I was bummed it was during the week so I was unable to attend but I did receive photos and video so it felt like I was there.

For the record...Had I been there I would have for sure been wearing PINK!  I have been saying GIRL since day 1.  Not that all pregnancies are the same but Jessie's pregnancy has be absolutely identical to both of mine so I just assumed how could it be anything but a girl.  

A few things to note before watching the video:

Jessie asked guests to dress in either pink or blue to reflect their guess...you will notice many more BOY guesses than GIRL.  

Mom assured me that my step dad Jim was going to be in charge of taking pictures.  As you can see in the video, he was too busy celebrating his victory.  NOTICE the camera in the air while he celebrates.

And lastly...my poor Dad...was stuck blessed with two wonderful daughters of his own and now at least 3 more little girls.  You will notice his comments about being a "Tom Boy" at the end of the video.  How is he ever going to survive???

Team Boy?  Dad is even giving the thumbs up...he is sure this one is going to be a BOY!
Team Girl?
The BIG Reveal

Here is a video so you can see the release in action.

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