Preparing to be a BIG SISTER

As part of our preparation for baby #2 to arrive I enrolled Landry into a sibling class at the hospital.  We called it "Big Sister" class! Trey was out of town on his annual golf trip so it was a girls weekend and what a better way to spend it than practicing our Big Sister skills.  Landry did great in the class, everyone that knows her know she LOVES babies.  Almost too much!  She is such a little Momma she has begun to get us worried about what she is going to attempt with our new arrival. 

The class started with craft time, she made a sign that will hang on the babies bassinet in the hospital.  This was the first time we have allowed her to use markers so you can imagine her excitement.  We watched a short video about the new baby and how she might feel once the new baby is home.  Then we practiced holding and swaddling the baby and finally the class ended with a tour of the hospital and a peek into the nursery.  I was worried that if her first trip to a hospital was seeing me in a hospital bed she might be a little scared.  Now she at least knows what the rooms look like etc. 

The preparations have begun...let's just hope we didn't start to late this time and we can get everything done before she arrives.

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