Our week in Rosemary

Ahh...Rosemary Beach...this place might just be heaven on earth!  This was our second family trip to Rosemary Beach, FL and definitely not our last.  We rented a beach house for a week with my sister Jessie and her husband Tyler (Ty Ty) and my cousins Tyler, Lindsey and their little girl Stella.  We each took a babysitter along with us, in the form of a grandma...Landry had her JoJo and Stella had her GG!  It was so cute listening to them both call for JoJo & GG.  So that made 10 of us all together.  We had an amazing time in this sleepy little beach town.  We all had bikes to cruise around on, even us pregnant ladies (did I mention my sister is also expecting a baby).  The girls spent the days on the beach and relaxing in the pool, while the guys spent most of the trip on the go.  Between golf, fishing, scuba and beach bars they were pretty busy.  The little girls loved taking bike rides and walks in the morning and practicing their swimming in the afternoon.  I took nearly 900 photos on this trip so here are a handful of my favorites.  Most are of the kiddos...no one wants to see this pregnant momma in a swimsuit...trust me!  Enjoy the photos of our summer vacation.

L: Stella...this is how you shake your booty!!!

This is how I spent most of my trip...

 How could I resist a picture of these sweet cheeks!

 Jess and Ty Ty dressed up for the photos


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  1. Okay, every single picture is adorable, and it looks like you all had the perfect little vacation! However, I am dying over the photo in the ruffle outfits....soooo cute!