The dreaded ICE storm has hit the DFW area.  With the Superbowl taking place in DFW this weekend you can imagine city officials are going nuts.  They have activated "ICE FORCE 2", which I think is a hilarious term.  All this means is they have 60 tucks sanding our streets rather than 30...yes...only 60 for this massive area.  I worked from home today since they are advising everyone to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.  These temps better start increasing, I have a 2 year old birthday party on Saturday and I really need my Mother, Aunt & Sister to get here safely.  

My little girl is ready to hit the slopes...Daddy has been packing for his upcoming ski trip and someone wanted to try on the goggles.  Trey was teaching her how to get into "ski position"!  

This is the picture out our front door...doesn't look like much but that is a 1" thick layer of solid ICE covering our streets.


  1. Awesomeness! I love the ski photo! LOL!

  2. Ice force 2? I love it! Hope you guys are staying warm and the ice melts soon!