a girls weekend

I am finally getting a chance to play catch up this week.  Trey headed out on a "guys trip" on Thursday to Keystone, CO for a little snow skiing so it was just me and the little lady all weekend.  Friday night Reese came over for a little playmate.  Landry looks up to Reese so much.  I love watching her mimic Reese's every move.  I think Reese likes having someone that will follow her and do anything she says.  Here's an example...I told Landry it was time to get her jammies on, of course she started whining and said NO!  Immediately Reese said..."I want to put my jammies on!"  Landry then replied..."me too!" And off they went.  I was thinking, that little toot!  

On Saturday we hit the mall for some much needed retail therapy.  After all Daddy was spending over $100 bucks a day on the slopes right?  We shopped around until we were both exhausted then headed home for nap time.  That evening Cole & Blake come over to play while their Mommy and Daddy went to an early Valentine's Day dinner.  It is always easier when I have other kids to help entertain Miss L.  

Sunday was the start of some really nice weather so we met some friends at the park in the morning.  Then Sunday night we had a dinner date with Mimi & Granddad.  Overall it was a great weekend.  But we sure missed Daddy!  We picked him up from the airport on Monday, it was a nice Valentine's Day present!  

As you can see Miss L even wanted to wear similar jammies to the ones that Reese brought over.

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