I love lazy weekends

Today was one of those days I love, we had NOTHING we HAD to do.  Landry and I started our day by making biscuits and having coffee in our jammies.  Well, she had chocolate milk which would turn out to be a huge mistake.  Now every time she wants something to drink she says chocolate milk.  The chocolate might "mysteriously" disappear by tomorrow.  Mimi and Granddad came by tonight to bring me some Christmas goodies they picked up for me today at Paul Michael's in Canton, boy do I love that store.  Landry was so excited to see them, she ran around the house like a crazy woman for about an hour.  She even insisted that Granddad play ring around the rosie with her, we finally had to tell her enough rosie.

We are expecting a "Winter Blast" to hit the metroplex tomorrow, they are saying we might get between 2 and 4 inches of snow.  We hardly ever get snow here in Dallas so I am praying we get something so Miss L can go play outside.  I know she will love it.  Hopefully I will have some snowy pictures to post tomorrow. 

Here are some pictures of L playing at Reese's house.  Enjoy!

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