Friday Fun Night

I got a little behind on blogging this weekend so bare with me.  You would think I would have more time to blog on the weekends but that does not seem to be the case.  We had gorgeous weather this weekend plus this was my last weekend to get things ready for Landry's big party next Saturday.  I still can't believe she is 2...don't want to talk about that right now :(!

Friday night The Walkers came over to grill steaks with us.  I'm sure everyone knows by now but Kelly "Momma Walker" and I work very closely together at WSJ, almost too close.  Now that we have moved desks at work we can almost touch each other while typing.  You would think we would be sick of seeing each other by Friday, not so much.  We decided to let our husbands and kids get some playtime with each other on Friday night.  Landry had a blast with Reese and Baby Jack.  Reese is almost 5 and Landry just followed her around everywhere.  Listening to them talk to each other was so cute.  Reese was even teaching Landry how to sing her ABC's...what a great big sis!  Saturday morning when Landry woke up I asked her if she had fun with Reese and Jack and she said, "I love Baby Jack!"  So Sweet!  I have more to post from this weekend just having computer issues so they will have to wait.

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