October is here…

I love the month of October.  It’s the official “start” of the holiday season, the weather tends to be great for being outdoors and we are fully involved in football season…what could be better.  This week we were able to get outside with Landry most evenings.  She is enjoying riding her new “bike”…and loves wearing her helmet.  Today we had a traumatic moment at the park.  Landry was so excited to “feed the ducks” her cracker.  She tossed the cracker just like I told her to and as soon as I lifted the camera to take a picture the darn goose charged her and bit her on the leg.  Of course Landry started screaming…it scared me to death  When we were leaving it ran after her again and I had to grab her before it took another whack at her leg.  When we got home she showed Daddy her boo boo (there wasn’t a mark) but she knew right where the duck bit her.

We have some sad news to pass along…our next door neighbors of 2 years The Hahn’s AKA Landry’s Twin boyfriends are moving.  Their daddy got a job transfer to the great state of KANSAS so they will be moving at the end of this month.  We are so sad to see them go, but we know we will visit them often…just not 3x a day like we do now. 
 IMG_8808   IMG_8851 IMG_8869 

IMG_8873 Let’s give this a try!

IMG_8883  IMG_8897 IMG_8907This is the goose that practically took my little girls leg off…poor Landry.  She will never look at ducks the same way again.  She kept saying…”Bad Duck…no no no!”  IMG_8910

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