survived camp mojo

Landry survived Camp Mojo Summer 2010!  Was there ever a doubt in my mind she wouldn’t have fun??  Heck NO!  Who wouldn’t love to swim everyday, go on long walks in the stroller every morning, eat lots of ice cream & play, play, play.  Of course, Landry loved it and Mom said she was an angel.  I just wished we lived in the same state so we could do it more often.
We picked our super blonde and tan child up a week ago today (I know I am late on blogging…been playing Mommy catch up with her all week) in Oklahoma.  Mom and Sarah met us half way.  I cannot tell you how much we missed our little munchkin…but we did have a blast in the Virgin Islands.  Landry came home wearing a “Camp Mojo” t-shirt…too cute!  Trey said next year he wants to stay with Mojo, and Landry and I can go on vacation…that should be something worth posting.  I promise I will have vacation pictures up soon.
IMG_7702 IMG_7694  Thank You Mom and Sarah for keeping my baby safe and HAPPY!  Love You!

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