May Trip to Arkansas

Still playing catch up…

Last weekend I took Landry to Arkansas to visit my friends & family, she did great in the car…I think she could sense I needed her to behave.  One of my very best friends was turning the BIG 30 and I had be there to help her celebrate, plus it’s always nice for Landry to see her Grandparents.  It was warm enough on Sunday for Landry to try out Mojo’s pool…I think she is going to be a little fish.  I am so excited for this summer…we are going to have a blast. 

IMG_6689 IMG_6653 IMG_6655 IMG_6666Miss L was helping Mojo water her plants…I think she needs some more practice??

IMG_6636  IMG_6584   IMG_6600    IMG_6617 The Kissing Bandit is at it again…this time Baby Mason was the lucky victim.IMG_6628

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