Mommy & Me Playdate

 IMG_5187Tuesday Landry and I had the best day!  I decided to take a vacation day to go with Julie, Katie & Amanda to the Dallas Arboretum for Tiny Tots Tuesday.  On Tuesdays in the Spring they have a petting zoo & face painting for the kiddos.  Everyone loved the petting zoo, we decided it would be a good idea if we skipped the face painting…can you say meltdown!  The Arboretum is beautiful this time of year, everything is in bloom and we had wonderful weather 74 degrees and sunny!  Afterwards we had lunch on a patio then Landry and I both came home and crashed for 3 hours…I couldn’t ask for a better day.  Here are some photos of Landry and her friends.  Enjoy!



IMG_5121 IMG_5123 Chasing the chickens…or at least I think they are chickens.

IMG_5127 Here is Cole showing Landry how to brush the goats.


She did it!  I was so proud of her.  Of course she thought all the animals were “Puppy”!


         IMG_5225We can’t leave out Landry’s favorite twins…the Hahn boys.


  1. That looks like it was so much fun. You look BEAUTIFUL (and Landry too of course).

  2. Oh my goodness how adorable!!!! Wish I could have been there!