Weekend Visitors

We had such a great weekend with Friends and Family.  On Friday about noon I talked Aunt Jessie and Uncle Tyler into driving to Dallas after work for a quick visit.  They rolled into town about 11 pm on Friday night.  By the time they got here the Bunco game was over but the “after party” was going strong.  Saturday night we all went to dinner with Chris and Victoria who were in town for a convention.  Landry stayed home with her “Allen Grandma” Sara my neighbor.  We were able to have a good time and stay out late since we knew Landry was in such good hands.  The next 3 weekends are going to be crazy…we are making a trip to Houston and 2 birthday parties for our princess…I can’t wait!

Jessie and I took Landry to the park this morning and it was colder than I originally thought, I could not get Miss L to smile…I tried :)

IMG_3458  IMG_3450 


This was a photo I forgot to post last week…I love this pink hat!

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