Arkansas Play Date

I just found these these pictures from our play date in AR with my high school girlfriends, I can’t believe I forgot to post these after Christmas.  Landry can’t wait to see all her friends in a couple weeks at her party. 

Poor Lindsey had to take this picture about a dozen time and this was the best one, I guess you can’t expect babies to all look at the same time :)


Leslie & Garrett, Tara & Hudson, you know us & Meredith & Blair

IMG_2922 Auntie Linz and Baby Blair  IMG_2944 This is Landry saying, “stairs without a gate…I am lovin this!”

IMG_2943Garrett, he is 2 months older than Miss L.

IMG_2941Tara…I think Hudson is going to need a sister , you look too natural with a girl.

IMG_2929  Baby Blair

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