Tis the Season

To wear a tutu!  Today Miss Landry received an early Christmas present in the mail from Aunt Tina and Cousin Rees.  A NEW RED TUTU!  If there is one thing that screams LANDRY it’s a tutu!  The card had specific instructions for me to take pictures of Landry in just the tutu and a bow.  I added the pearls for an extra touch.  I can’t wait for all the family to see Miss L in person…only 2 more days.

Prayer request…Please keep our niece Kamryn in your prayers tonight.   She is in the hospital tonight with a case of pneumonia.  We are praying she gets well soon…she has been a good girl all year and really needs to be home for Santa to visit her.

IMG_2605  IMG_2580  You can see in her eyes she is NOT feeling great.IMG_2582 IMG_2584  IMG_2589

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