Family Night

Last week we had a family date night at Whataburger, since it was FREE burger night.  Dad’s favorite place and FREE burgers…it was a MUST go!  When we were in the restaurant this sweet lady came over to talk to Landry and she said, “did you just have your pictures made, you are all dressed up?”  Of course I said…NO…she always wears hats, flowers and bows!  She obviously thought Landry was WAY over dressed for Whataburger.  Too funny!  So what did I do…came home and made Landry have a PHOTO SHOOT…he he!  Enjoy…another cute outfit from Jill Be Nimble.IMG_2178

IMG_2196 Landry is obsessed with looking and grabbing at our mouths, maybe
she will be a dentists when she grows up.

IMG_2159 IMG_2177

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