Our 1st Halloween

Like I said before on an earlier post, Landry’s first Halloween was a HUGE success.  We had a blast.  Our neighborhood had a block party which turned out to be a great idea.  Then we loaded the kiddos in the strollers and hit the street for some good ole trick or treating.  Then I came home and put the baby bee to bed and headed down the street to an adult Halloween party.  Trey stayed home with Landry and watched football.  I think by then he was sick of the bee keeper suit. :)  I can’t wait until next year…I am already  trying to think of ideas.  I know my costume doesn’t look much like a BEE…we had a few issues.

IMG_0244Mommy the “Queen Bee”, Landry “Baby Bee” & Daddy “The Bee Keeper”

IMG_0260 Our Halloween pictures would not be complete without a picture of the furriest bee EVER!
Mad does not begin to describe how poor Madie was feeling.


IMG_0089The Bee Keeper and his little Bee   

Landry, Hudson, Kali, Brynn, Landon & CarsenIMG_0162I could not believe it Landry and her buddies were all posing so well,
but ONLY Kali would smile for the camera.
(Aunt Jessie did you notice what Carsen is dressed up as?)

IMG_0200The Ladybug (Raelee) & The Bee (Landry)
This is Landry’s best friend, they play together everyday at Ms. Kelly’s.  Raelee’s momma is the one that helped me find Ms. Kelly.  Every morning when they see each other they both start squealing…too cute!


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