Nobody likes to be sick!

Unfortunately we did not have a good weekend.  It all started when I had to cancel our plans to go to dinner Friday night with a couple of Landry’s friends.  She started running a fever on Friday night and it finally broke on Sunday about 11pm.  We went to the Doc’s office today and NO SWINE FLU…THANK GOD!  She just has a really nasty cold, they were not too concern given the fever was gone and her lungs sounded clear.  What a relief!  It still does not make it any easier to hear your baby cough like an 85 year old man that has smoked all his life…so sad.

After literally being in the house all weekend I took Landry on a little stroll around the block.  It was a nice fall day here in TX but the winds were picking up so I put Landry in her winter hat.  This picture just sums up the way she has been feeling.


IMG_9528  She finally gave me a semi smile!  Poor thing.  MOJO comes this
weekend so we must get well in a hurry.


  1. She still looks so cute. I hope she is feeling better.

  2. Ok, couldn't you find a cuter hat? She is pouting about what's sitting on her head! Cute baby but get a new hat! MOJO