Landry’s first trip to the ER

First of all SORRY for the two week break, it has been crazy around the Whitehead house.  I was traveling for work all last week, anyone in sales knows that it takes 2 weeks of planning for 1 week of sales calls.  I was looking forward to getting back out on the road but sad that I was going to be away from Landry for 4 nights.  Let me tell you after 4 days I was ready to get home.

So, the trip to the ER.  I get a call from Trey on Tuesday night, it goes something like this.

Trey: I think something is wrong with Landry’s arm.

Kylie: What do you mean?

Trey: She is not moving it.  She has been fussy all evening and I noticed something was off.  So I started watching her play and she is NOT moving her right arm.  When I touch it she whines.

Kylie: Do you think it is broken?

Trey: I don’t know.

Kylie: Did she fall?

Trey: Don’t think so?

Kylie: Just take her to the ER…I mean…we only have a $25 co-pay.

Trey: Really…$25…are you sure?

Kylie: (pulls out insurance card) Yep…$25.

Trey: I’M GOING…I will call you from the ER!

And off they went!

Long story short she ended up having Nursemaids Elbow…Nursemaid's elbow is a partial dislocation of the elbow, which occurs when the lower part of the arm (forearm) slips out of its normal position at the elbow joint. It actually when back into place on it’s own during the x-ray process. Trey said that was not easy to watch.

We think she must have hurt herself trying to climb or stand.  Basically she grabs onto something (i.e. table)  and her little legs can’t support her and she ends up hanging for a second before falling.  I have seen her do this in her crib several times. 

Trey was such a trooper, I called about every 20 minutes for the 4.5 hours he was in the ER with her.  I know it had to be so hard for him to see her in pain.  He said she was back to OLD Landry as soon as the x-rays were complete.  THANK GOD! 

I got home on Thursday night, I think Trey was happy to see me.  He did a wonderful job being MR. MOM, the house was even clean!  Yeah Trey!  Now it is my turn…Trey travels this week.  Hopefully we will stay out of the ER.

It would not be a post without photos…


In honor of Football Season!  Whooo Pig Sooie!

Please notice the PINK toes…after her trip to the ER Mrs. Kelly really pampered her.


This is just a little taste of Landry on the move, she tries to stand on everything.


  1. Poor thing! I hope she is feeling better. What a great Mr. Mom you have!

  2. Same thing happened to Mason when he was 2 or 3. I pulled him up by his arm over some dog poo in the yard and I pulled his elbow out of place. Scary. Anyway glad everything is ok!