4 years and still going strong

Just to make the Grandparents happy I am posting a picture of our BEST work (so far)

Today I am thankful for my WONDERFUL husband!
We were married 4 years ago today. Part of me cannot believe it has been 4 years, but the other part of me is saying...WOW only 4 years...feels like 20! All I know is this marriage just keeps getting better with age. I told Trey last night that "YEAR #4" has been my favorite so far. The birth of Landry has really brought us together and now we offically refer to ourselves as "TEAM WHITEHEAD"! I love you Trey!

Of course this would not be a post without a picture or 2 so I dug a few out of the OLE wedding vault!

This is Hailey NOT Kamryn...I cannot believe how much they look alike.

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