5 Months Old & New Tricks

We have hit the 5 month mark…it really freaks me out to think that next month she will be half way to a year old. Right now she is in one of those stages you just want her to stay forever, I just love it. She is still very much a cuddly baby but not nearly as fragile as she once was. Best of all she still cannot move very far so you can set her down and come back and she is still in the same place. Plus she is sleeping like a champ. 2 long naps a day plus 11 hours at night. All my mommy friends tell me this will be coming to an end as soon as those teeth begin popping up. I must say with 5 months down and 7 to go before the 1 year mark we have ENJOYED (almost) every minute of parenthood!

Now for the NEW TRICKS…my PRECIOUS, SWEET, BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER has begun sucking her toes. Yes that is right…her toes! The first thing that came to mind when I noticed her doing this is Tanner P. (This is a Bachelorette reference for those who do not watch the show). I thought oh no…I hope we do not have a foot/toe obsession at 5 months old, I am hoping this is just a phase and she does not turn out like Tanner P.(that guy is nuts). I have tried my hardest to teach her to like her thumb but she wants nothing to do with it. Here are a few pictures of Landry in "toe sucking" action this weekend. Tell me if this is not the craziest thing you have ever seen!!!

opps...mommy caught me!

These bottom 2 pictures were taken on my cell phone so quality is not that great but you get the idea...she does it everywhere.