Fun in Arkansas: Part 1

I am happy to report that we survived the first leg of our road trip to Arkansas.  It really wasn’t that bad.  I think the most difficult part was that we were not only traveling with Landry but Madie also made the trip.  Therefore  we were unable to stop and get out of the car.  We sure wouldn’t want our precious doggie to melt.  The toughest part of the trip is yet to come…when I attempt to complete the return leg without Trey…YIKES!

Yesterday I had two showers to attend.  A baby shower for my good friend Meredith and a wedding shower for Jess.   Trey was able to hit the lake Saturday afternoon with Tyler.  I think he is paying for all his fun with a bad sunburn.  I warned him because I have seen how white that back and tummy were, supposedly Tyler “HELPED” him apply sunscreen…needless to say I had to apply aloe and lots of it last night.

Since I was hosting the shower Mom was in charge of Landry…a duty she loved.  Here are pictures of Landry meeting Garrett for the first time.  Garrett’s mommy and I grew up together, he is exactly 2 months older than Miss L.



Garrett & Landry

(funny face I know but you try getting two babies to smile at the same time)

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