Landry's Arkansas Trip

WOW...what a weekend! I took Landry to Arkansas this weekend to see my parents and go to a wedding shower for Aunt Jessie. We flew since Trey was not going with us, I was really worried but she did not let out a peep on either flight. She took her bottle like a champ then fell asleep in my arms. Everyone keeps saying how lucky we are that she is so laid back. She did GREAT! So many friends and family got to meet Landry for the first time...I really think she was held 20 hours a day. She loved everyone. Here are some pics from this weekend.

Landry and my Cousin Rees

See Tyler...Lindsey is a natural

Landry with Grandpa Bub and Nana

Aunt Tina and Cousin Rees with Landry

Finally...Aunt Sharon got to hold Landry!

Landry and Papa

Landry and Ann Fry

Grandpa Bub, Landry and Papa Dean

4 Generations...Me, Landry, My Dad & My Grandfather (Papa Dean)

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  1. Awe... What special weekend. It's so sweet to see pictures with your Dad and Granddad. Cherish every moment. I miss mine every day. Love you and thanks for sharing.