Landry's First Easter!

What a wonderful day! We started the day off by attending church; this was Landry’s first church service. She did great, only one small cry at the end. Mimi loved seeing her there. We also got to see several of Mimi’s friends, everyone loved her Easter hat. Then we came home and I cooked Easter lunch for Mimi and Granddad, ham and all the fixins. The weather was not great but it did finally clear off this afternoon. Overall a great day! Perfect for watching the Masters…dang Kenny Perry! Here are a few pics of Landry in her Easter dress. Doesn’t she make a cute bunny!

She looks so put out with me...he he :)

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  1. That first picture looks like a doll - a real doll. She's perfect! Great pictures! (I can't figure out how to post pictures in the right order on mine. I'll have to ask you one day how you do it so easy.)