What a Week

Week 7 was a crazy week. I started going to the gym again. I never thought I would say that working out felt good, but it really did. I have at least 10 lbs of baby weight to lose, then another 20lbs….the same 20 lbs. I had to lose pre pregnancy. Hopefully I can stay motivated.

We had another milestone this weekend…Landry slept thru the night. Well...I guess I should say her parents slept thru the night. On Thursday morning I woke up at 6:45 a.m. to realize that I never got up to feed Landry. I was so excited…Trey immediately said check the monitor…is she breathing. I reassured him then realized I had the sound turned all the way down. I ran into her room to find her sleeping very peaceful, but facing the opposite direction. I felt terrible. Basically at some point during the night she cried and fought until she put herself back to sleep. I am pretty sure she was very unhappy for a LONG period of time. Please don't call CPS…we learned our lesson. Poor thing!

Landry with Aunt Jessie

Landry sporting her "I Love Aunt Jessie" shirt.

Uncle Tyler and Landry...he is going to be a great Daddy.

Landry was on the go nonstop this weekend (all while trying to keep her on the baby wise schedule). I am getting to know the Nordstrom’s “women’s lounge” very well. Aunt Jessie & Uncle Tyler were in town this weekend, Landry and I helped Aunt Jessie pick out a veil for her wedding in July. Of course we also had to go to the mall for a little spring shopping. Jessie and Tyler have already begun spoiling Landry, they brought her so many cute spring outfits. She even got a “flower girl” dress for the wedding. We all know she is NOT really the flower girl but at least she will be dressed like one. Tyler’s niece Skylar is also wearing the same dress…she turns 1 Year on April 30th….they are going to look so cute!

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  1. Trust me....You won't feel guilty after the first one...LOL. That made me laugh about you forgetting to turn up the moniter. So funny. That happens. Hope all is well with you guys. We stopped by the other day. I was with Amanda helping her hand out thank you cards. Ya'll weren't home. I'll see you soon!