Strike a Pose

Miss Landry had her first professional photo shoot this week. I wanted to have photos taken before she was a month old so I could always remember how small she was. She was surprisingly very good during most of the shoot. We did have one accident…for those who don’t know I ordered a chair and ottoman for Landry’s nursery back in October, and I have still not received it. They offered me a loaner chair to use while I waited for mine. During the photo shoot we were trying to get a naked pic and Landry peed all over the “loaner” ottoman. Opps…they will never know.

Here is a link to the photos http://www.lala-photography.com/ enter site, go to proofing, then use the password (lwhitehead) to enter. Kelly Pollard just started a photography business here in Dallas, Victoria referred me to her for Landry's pictures. I absolutely love the pictures…Thank You Kelly you did a fantastic job!


  1. She is gorgeous! I love them all!

  2. I love these!! So cute! I'll need another photographer since mine moved to California. She's good. The last picture I think is my favorite.

    I had fun last night with you girls!! Let's do it again soon.

  3. Landry's photos are beautiful :)