My new BFF...

Landry and Kara...they are just about the exact same size. If Landry is anything like her mother she will outweigh Kara in a matter of weeks.

Sorry for the delay in blogging, my computer has been down. I am taking it to the IT folks at work tomorrow so they can hopefully fix it. Trey told me it has the dreaded “blue screen of death” that was not encouraging.

We had a great weekend with Trey’s extended family in town. Landry loves hanging out with her cousins. Kamryn is in love with Landry…always asking to hold her. We took all three of the kiddos + Landry to the Wiggly Play Center on Sunday so Wendi could have a much needed Birthday break. They literally ran for 2 hours straight while Landry slept thru the entire event. Funny comment: We were checking in with all the kids and the gentleman in front of us said, “did you find that it was difficult going from 3 kids to 4.” Trey and I just looked at each other and laughed.

On Saturday Landry got to meet her new BFF Kara Heflin (born just 20 days before Landry). Her daddy, Chuck, grew up with Trey and they have been best friends for years. He was the best man in our wedding. We did not even plan to have kids at that same time it just happened to work out that way. Both Kara and her big sister Kate are so adorable.

Landry was so sleepy, but we promised Kamryn after dinner she could hold her.

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